Community: Rooted in Human History and a Resurgent Digital Avatar

Partha Iyengar
3 min readMay 28, 2021


Community. Celebrated economist and former governor of RBI describes it as a force. He gives it one-third of the credit in forces that shape the big-picture. The book* by Dr. Raghuram Rajan makes a good read for the latent forces that contribute to well-being.

Reflect on our own experiences and the demographic diaspora. In India, a popular saying goes, ‘It takes a village to bring up a child’.

There are stories about how an Iranian trader landed on the shores of India and promised a king that he and his tribed men will mingle with the locals like sugar in milk. That it is said was the beginning of some of the most successful business communities in India. There are the stories of religious institutions feeding a large populace, with no expectation in return. These and many more stories of bonding add to the diversity among us.

The commonality amongst it is Community. A core that binds its subscribers. Take a moment to reflect on what community are you a part of and how does that shape your choices.

The increasingly connected world offers limitless choices. Individuals as students and professionals have the luxury to walk the paths that did not exist in a pre-digital era. As we walk the uncharted territories, surprises are just part of the turf. The best way forward will often be guided by the age-old concept of Community.

That granny’s tale from behind foggy glasses. It has somehow transformed and taken a digital avatar. In this avatar, you would find strangers from unknown far of lands sharing their stories. As you read that story, sometimes it will sound like your own. In those stories is the experience. In that experience is the solution to your own sticky situation!

I marvel at the Oxford definition of community. They call it “the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common”. That common interest quite literally translated to the choice of profession in the gig economy.

Financial planners have been the torchbearers of what we now call the gig economy. I can recall from my younger days that some of the work-related conversations that happened at home were around money. A personal one- to one conversation that I can only be thankful for, many years later. Some of that conversation must have been around how to fund my education.

Communities, financial planning, and the gig economy somehow look intertwined. They seem natural to the social fabric. Efforts like the Garrett Planning Network add unparalleled value. It is a network of financial planners that offers a modern support structure. Comprehensive support material that includes coaches, tool kits, templates, and resources, and the 24/7 community cross-chat.

Read here for more on The Garrett Planning Network ( GPN ).

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*Book — The Third Pillar by Dr. Raghuram Rajan

This article was written in collaboration with Priyanka Sharma



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